Ideal candidates

Foster global professionals who contribute to the creation of future value through originality and innovation
Ideal candidate

Cooperative talent

People who create synergy through open communication and altruistic cooperation with mutual respect and considerate attitude

Challenging talent

People who achieve the organization's objective through endless self-development and limitless challenges

Innovative talent

People who lead to the change of the organization and pursue change and innovation with flexible thinking and leading attitude

  • Code of conduct/common competencies
  • Win-win cooperation
  • Best oriented attitude
  • Creative innovation
  • Creative innovation

Recruitment process

Welfare Benefits/Personnel system

  • family_restroom
    Support for children's education and living
    - Support for children's tuition
    - Support for congratulatory money for children's admission
    - Loan support for stability fund
    - Loan support for housing fund
  • health_and_safety
    - Support for in-house club activities
    - Support for summer vacation expenses
    - Operation of the selective working hour system
    - Support for various congratulation and condolence leaves
    - Support for national holiday and summer vacation
  • card_giftcard
    Holiday and congratulation and condolence support
    - Monetary support for returning home on holiday
    - Holidy gift support
    - Labor day gift support
    Birthday congratulatory gift card support
    - Monetary support and wreath for congratulation and condolence
  • emoji_events
    - Service award
    - Model employee award
  • people
    Development of labor-management culture
    - Operation of junior board
    - Operation of labor- management council
    - Operation of meeting per department/position
  • local_cafe
    Convenience facilities
    - Operation of cafeteria
    - Staff lounge
    - Fitness center
  • airplane_ticket
    Support for self-development expenses
    - Support for education expenses
    - Support for language exam fee
    - Provision of overseas training opportunity
  • sports_kabaddi
    Annual event
    - Athletic meet
    - Outing
    - Photo contest